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Hello, I'm Irene!

A passionate Spanish teacher with extensive experience and certification backed by the Cervantes Institute.


Throughout my years of teaching, I have refined my approach to ensure that each student achieves their language goals effectively and enjoys the process.

My work method is based on closeness and flexibility. I understand that each student is unique, with their own goals, pace and learning style. For this reason, I design my classes in a personalized way, providing a space where you feel comfortable and motivated to learn.

From levels A1 to C2, I offer a comprehensive approach that covers grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, oral and written expression. Additionally, I specialize in conversation classes, allowing you to practice and perfect your communication skills naturally.

I always strive to make each lesson dynamic and engaging, providing all the materials necessary for your progress. My goal is for you to enjoy the process of learning Spanish and for you to feel motivated in each class.

If you are looking for a committed, experienced teacher who adapts to your individual needs, you are in the right place! I am here to guide you on your journey to Spanish fluency. I hope to meet you soon in our classes!

Irene Expósito Cruz



  • Freelance Spanish Teacher: Preparation of students for DELE exams (A1 to C2) 

  • Education First: Teaching Spanish as a second language in Student Residence to students from different countries 

  • Spanish teaching instructor at ASAENEC (NGO psychosocial rehabilitation center) and ACCEM (NGO assisting foreigners and refugees)

  • DELE Conversation Assistant at Instituto Espanhol de Lisboa

  • Volunteer teacher of reading, writing and conversation to children and adults at Fundación Guelaya Melilla


  • Spanish teacher for foreigners (A1-C2) (Tía Tula, accreditation by the Instituto Cervantes 2022)

  • Degree in Primary Education, English specialty ("Sacred Heart" -Univ. Córdoba 2011/2017)

  • European Comenius and Erasmus+ (Norway, Portugal and Romania)

  • Multiple intelligences for teachers (San Pablo CEU University 2017)

  • CLIL in bilingual classrooms (Univ. CEU San Pablo 2017)

  • Spanish Grammar Course (Edutín 2017)

  • Children's and youth literature course (Cursiva 2018)

  • Child Psychology Assistant (Prof. School 2018)

  • Higher Risk Food Handler (2018)

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